Friday, April 6, 2018

Mom Flu.

I've been sick with the flu for the past two days, so I'm riding that emotional roller of guilt and self-doubt. When I get ill enough that it keeps me in bed and forces Curtie to be more of a Mr. Mom than his usual, I find it super hard to accept! Am I alone in this? Is it a "mom thing" or a "Lacy thing"? I tend to have a lot of those...
I complain about all my to-do's on almost-a-daily basis, but maybe this is a sign that I couldn't handle an easier, less-active lifestyle. Or, maybe I put too much pressure on myself and when the routine gets sketchy, it defeats me? I just know when I can't be there for my family or work, it really wrecks my mentality.
Half way though my two-day flu, I'm ugly crying making a list of "Improvements to Make" and "Goals for April", mind you at the beginning of each month I already make a list of goals, so at this point I am basically re-writing them. At the same time, I'm also sending Curtie messages of my self-doubting drama so he can talk me off the ledge.
Thankfully, with the assistance of Black Pepper, AromaEase and DiGize essential oils, I was able to get plenty of rest comfortably and hop onto the Orange Is The New Black bandwagon. On a personal note, Black Pepper EO is the best thing I have ever used to keep my body warm when the layers of blankets are just not enough.
Today is they first day back on my feet since Tuesday evening and I'm so thankful. I'm feeling much improved, applied Motivation and En-R-Gee EO's to start my day, and grabbed my copy of "YOU ARE A BADASS: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" as I raced out the door. The best part, when I opened my book, my favorite candy bar was waiting for me in-between the pages...Thanks, Curtie ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018 in the Books.

    What kind of parent am I? March 31, 2018...the evening I truly questioned our parenting skills. Why do I ever think I have good ideas?!

   Meet Fluffy and Tilley, two female Fancy Hamsters that I thought were brilliant ideas. Took us ten minutes, and one eating 1/4 of the box, to question WTH we were doing. Two minutes later, we were pulled over on the side of the interstate and Curtie was constructing a hamster cage.

   I have to say, since being home we've done okay. Not counting the hamsters almost ripping each other's faces off (they are sisters after all) or Harper getting her finger bit trying to feed hers chocolate (lesson learned), but it will get easier, right?!

   I'll keep you posted on this adventure. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!